Is Hosted Email for me?

Are you struggling with the decision of hosted vs. on-premise email?  Or maybe having difficulty deciding which hosted provider will work best for you and your business?

Making the right decision begins with being informed.  Below is a list of questions you should be asking any hosted email provider as well as what you can expect from Ipswitch Hosted Email.

How do I know your business will be around in a few years?

Ipswitch has been a leader in developing messaging solutions for SMB’s since 1994.  The company has been privately held and profitable since its inception including growth through the recent economic downturn. You can trust that Ipswitch will be there for your business.

Does it matter what kind of hardware I have?

Absolutely not.  One of the biggest benefits of hosted email is that you are not reliant on any specific hardware.  Upgrades and replacements are no longer necessary.  We take care of the heavy lifting.

Is my information secure from viruses and spam?

Yes, and both are included with your email service.  Ipswitch Hosted Email includes IMail anti-virus powered by Commtouch and premium anti-spam with edge protection from Commtouch.  Other security features include SSL/TLS encryption, SMTP Auth and DomainKeys/DKIM authentication.  More details about each can be found here.

Is my information backed up regularly?

Yes, all data files are backed up nightly.

Is my data isolated from everyone else’s?

Yes.  When you connect to your Ipswitch Hosted Email, you are connecting to your own Virtual Private Server (VPS).  Each virtual server provides security and reliability with its own operating system that can be independently rebooted.

How much storage space will I have?

Each mailbox gets a minimum of 2GB with no limit for attachments.  Additional storage space can be purchased.

What kind of support can I expect?

With Ipswitch Hosted Email, you have 24/7/365 support.  Our industry leading support team is available by phone or email.  More details can be found here.

Where are the actual servers located? What type of environment is it?

All of the Ipswitch Hosted Email hardware resides in Florida in a state of the art data center.  The data center is equipped with three Caterpillar Diesel Generators for backup power, smoke and heat detectors installed above and below the flooring, and two 30-ton HVAC units that can maintain the operating environment for an entire loop out of service.  The facility is located in a 100 year no-flood zone and has restricted access with security cameras throughout.

What happens when there is an upgrade or a patch?

Any upgrades and patches are installed seamlessly by Ipswitch.  Your mail server is always up to date with no effort on your part.

Where can I access my email?

You can access your email from just about anywhere.  With Ipswitch Hosted Email, you can check email on your desktop through Outlook (or one of your other favorite email clients), on the web using any internet connection or on your mobile phone using Exchange ActiveSync.

More questions?  No problem. Our team of technical experts are ready to help.  Give us a call at (706) 312-3542 or you can fill out this email form to get all of your remaining questions answered by our knowledgeable technicians.